Day at the Los Angeles Zoo


Sundays are usually the days in which Ryan and I have the whole day to ourselves. We like to plan places to go and get out of the house. We love our dates, it gives us time to get to know each other better and also gives us time catch up on our week. Even after two years, I fall in love with this man more every day, there are things that I discover about him every single time we hang out and I love it because it keeps us fresh.

This week we decided to go to the zoo, we love the zoo! We frequent LA Zoo and we absolutely love San Diego Zoo.

We woke up, got ready and had breakfast at Denny’s. We stocked up on snacks and waters and we headed out. So, we arrive at the zoo and we see that it is full of people, but we still  make the best of it. You see, Ryan and I hate crowds, we get fussy and cranky and we just don’t do well with them. I get anxious and I tend to just freeze up and not want to move, but c’est la vie.

Sunday it was nice, luckily the zoo is large enough to be able to see everything without too many crowds. We walked a total of 7 miles and we covered almost everything in about 4 hours. We left a little earlier than expected becasue my shoes were giving me blisters (my bad…) and so we plan go back soon to hit up the aviary, which we love. I’ll attach a little gallery of our photos.


I Graduated.. Now What


I finally did it, you know that thing everyone encouraged you to do, Graduate and get your degree… Well I did it, and now what? I’m sitting here with a piece of paper that shows I spent 8 years of my life studying something that I absolutely love, Mass Communications, Mass Media, Journalism, whatever you want to call it, I have it.

Why then do I feel so helpless? I keep telling people that I am going to give myself 6 months to find a job that has to do with my degree because quite frankly working at Home Depot for the rest of my life does not seem like something that I want to do. I want to blog, I want to write, take photos and just show people my life experiences through my own set of words. So many people are expecting so much from me, and to be honest, I myself am expecting so much from me. I know I can do something amazing, but I feel so stuck right now. My greatest wish in 2014 is to find a passion, a purpose, and a place that deserves my time and talents.

I apply to at least 5 jobs a week. I get many interview offers, but when I research the company I realize that I do not want to be stuck in a place where I am not happy. Am I being too picky? No. I’m not, and I know that for a fact.

When I go work for a place I give them my all, my 110%. Yes, I might not love my job sometimes, but I make an effort to do my best at it and that is why I do not want to be stuck in a company where I will be working my butt off for nothing. I want my next career to count, to soar, to grow, and most importantly to learn.

So, now what? Now I write until I find that awesome job, so stay tuned because I am something big in the making. I trust myself, I trust my family and friends, but most importantly I trust God.

Road Trippin with Ryan and Marlene

I had packed all of my stuff the night before, so when I woke up late on Sunday morning it wasn’t that big of a deal. We had agreed to meet with Marlene at my house at 8am and as always she was very punctual. We hung out for a while and the Ryan arrived ready to get going. We left at about 8:50am and we were so excited to be leaving (except for Ryan he was kind of dreading the ride). This is us about an hour into our ride:


By the time that we reached our third hour we were so tired. Marlene ended up passing out right after we ate our PB &J, which left Ryan and I to enjoy the ride. I took many, many pictures of our way there which I will post as a slideshow because we saw very interesting and beautiful sceneries.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So we only made two stops during the whole trip, which means that we ended up eating on the road. The good thing is that we packed plenty of snacks for the way which we still have a full pantry full of snack for the rest of the trip. Here is my amazing sandwich that Ryan made for us:


Anyway, we finally made it to Belmont, CA where Marlene lives and we went in to visit the family. It felt so good to finally be here and it felt really good to be back after 2 years of not being here. We were dead tired so we decided to go back to the hotel and rest for a little bit. We ended up being in bed for about 3 hours! So finally we called Marlene and we ended up going to Sheri’s for dinner around 9pm. It as really good and they had great pies. Here is a picture of the pie selection:


It was so good, until this morning when Ryan got really sick. He is still currently sleeping, my poor baby got some sort of food poisining or something, but he feels so sick. So our plans are currently on hold, but that leaves us with still 4 days to do things. Here is a picture of my sick boyfriend:


Anyway, it is just a waiting game now, he is sleeping at the moment but once he is all nice and well again, we will go out and explore the city!

Peace out for now,

Angie Dee

Seal Beach

Today I spent the day at Seal Beach with Ryan,  his mom,  sister and brother-in-law. It was so nice,  the weather was perfect and the vibes were awesome.  We started off our trip going to torts sinaloa where I had a huge horchata and a sinaloa especial,  it was so much food but I finished it.

On our way to Seal Beach we saw a very bad accident involving a semi-truck in the freeway which backed it up pretty bad.  We finally arrived and we ate some donuts that mama Rivas bought us.  We decided to go to the movies to watch Dispicable Me 2 (which was not that good) and after that we went to Angelo’s for some delicious Torpedo sandwhiches.  So good and authentic.

Finally, we wanted something sweet so we went to a little bakery that was so good.  You could smell the cinnamon rolls from a mmile away.  We took some sweets to go and we dropped his sister and bro in law and the we headed out.  Overall good day 🙂

How can I explain this.

There is a question that I always dread answering, and it is because I never know how to actually answer the question. People know that I am dating Ryan so when they as me “How are you and Ryan doing?” I always answer “Fine”.

I mean I really can’t answer “He’s the love of my life” or “We are amazing” because then it just sounds like I’m shouting to the world how happy I am, but it’s true. There is no other person that I see myself with, and ever since I read his profile I knew that there was no one else that I would want to be with.

Our first date just reinforced what I had read, there was no doubt in my mind by our first month of dating that this relationship was going to last. Every day since then has only been better, I have never been one to think that one can fall in love with someone more each day, but I have, each and every day.

I don’t know if he is going to be around for the rest of my life, although I really want him to, sometimes life throws you unexpected twists and turns. All I know if that for now in this instant he is the reason that I smile in the morning, and why I look forward to the weekends. He is my life partner, and we are doing more than fine, we are doing amazing.

March Madness: Knotts

Who decides to go to Knotts Berry Farm on a rainy weekend? Ryan and I of course. We had actually planned this about a week before it happened, we were trying to decided what our weekend would look like and we decided on Knotts. We never thought that weather would be an issue, which is why we never thought to look it up. We bought our season passes online about three days before and then a day before we realized it was going to be a full on storm.

So there we are on our way to Knotts. We stopped at Panda Express for “Brunch” and then we were off. I have to say it was not bad, at all. The place was empty and by the time we got there it was pretty dry. We got on all the rides that were open except for Ghostrider which was on and off during the day.

My favorite part of this whole day was spending time with Ryan, honestly he makeS me happy, and seeing him happy just made me enjoy my whole day. Anyway, we ended up passing out at our hotel and overall it was a good Saturday.