Perfect Fall Day

Yesterday was the first day that it actually felt like fall.

The leaves were falling, there was cool breeze and I felt like I actually needed a sweater.

This got me thinking about what would be the perfect thing to do on a fall day.

I love sleeping with my window open, I think waking up  underneath the covers on a fall day has to be a great way to start.

Making myself a hot drink, either coffee, tea or a nice apple cider has to be the next step.

Next would be to start getting ready, the best outfit to wear in the fall would of course be leggings or thick tights with boots, a large over-sized sweater and a scarf. Being comfortable and stylish at the same time is ideal for fall.

Once dressed, the best thing to do in the fall would be to find some kind of pumpkin patch or apple picking location so that you can be surrounded by people that love fall as much as you do!

Other ideas would be to find a nice coffee shop with nice big windows so that you can admire the great fall colors.

Last year I made sure to hit up a pumpkin patch more than once with both my godson and my niece.


Once you get home, the perfect fall day would end with taking a nice hot shower, changing into clothes you can lounge in and relax for the rest of the night. The way that I like to relax is by watching a movie, or catching up on some of my favorite TV shows.

I hope you guys enjoy your fall!

Blogging Conference? What I hope to gain from #blogher16

I think the first question that I get when I tell people (non-bloggers) that I am going to a blogging convention is, “What is a blogging convention?”

To be honest before I went to #weallgrow I had no idea what a blogging convention was all about. I was nervous, excited and completely clueless about what I was getting myself into. To make matters worse I was going at it all alone.

I have to say that I now know what a convention is all about and below I will outline not only what it is about, but also what I hope to gain from #blogher16.

  1. Meeting the brands – These conferences bring the brands to you. The most important thing about being a blogger is knowing what brands you want to work with. Researching companies and creating a blog or video to highlight their products is what these companies are looking for. Conferences make it easy to meet, talk and exchange information so that later you can possibly work with them.
  2. Being among like-minded people – Nothing feels better than being around people that think like you, being in a space where you can feed off each other’s energy. There are times that you become stuck creatively and being around bloggers wakes that urge to create, write and film. When I left #weallgrow I was inspired, I was ready to go home and write my fingers off. I’m hoping for the same with #blogher16.
  3. Networking– Possibly the most important part of attending a blogging convention has to be networking. I cannot begin to explain how important it is to know other bloggers. I made so many great friends and have continued to keep in contact with people that I met at my last convention, they inspire me.
  4. Learning from the workshops – So much thought goes into these panels and workshops. The people leading the workshops are experts in the topics that are presented. The most amazing part is that they are sharing their secrets with you, they are helping you become a better blogger.

Those are the top 4 that I consider being benefits of attending a blogging convention. Others include living in a hotel for a few days, picking up swag and meeting famous keynote speakers.

Goodnight Y’all #blogher16 starts tomorrow!

What did I learn from Princess Jasmine?

Aladdin was a great story about being yourself, finding out what really makes you happy and fighting for what you think is right. Of course there are also topics about keeping your word, making lifelong friends and the whole money doesn’t matter thing.


Who is going to win The Next Food Network Star?

I would like to preface by saying that this is solely based on my opinion.

This season so many contestants blew my mind (except for Ana of course).

In the beginning I was rooting for Erin, probably because she has a dorky personality and I definitely connected with her as a person.

Another contestant that stood out was Monterey. Monterey always seemed very edgy and I really wanted to watch her succeed in cooking an amazing dish, but I feel like she let us down time and time again.

Let’s talk about the finalist.

Tregaye – She has so much personality, time and time again she has shown that her personality is a trait that others will have to beat.

Personally, I don’t relate to her style. I’m not even sure what “on fleek” means and it’s a little annoying that she uses it all the time. Not my cup of Tea.

Jernard- Although Jernard also has plenty of personality, I feel like it has just been constant throughout the show. Nothing has really changed from the start til now. Jernard’s food looks okay, and his kitchen presence seems forced. Jernard deserves his own dating show, not a cooking show.

Which brings us to…

Damiano- Oh Damiano. What can I say, I love him. Damiano is definitely the most improved. He started as a basic Italian guy with no personality, now he has grown into such an awesome playful Food Network Star.

Lately, Damiano has been talking about winning the competition for his parents, giving back to them for everything that they have done for him. That right there is the heart of a winner.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him on screen every single day. Damiano has charm and cooks very well. His dishes have improved time and time again.

My guess (and hopes) are that Damiano will win The Next Food Network Star.

In bocca al lupo Damiano Carrara!

How do I fail with purpose?

One of my earliest memories that I have of failing is when I was learning to ride my bike. I was so afraid of falling that I ended up not braking in time, slammed into a curb and fell on the grass face first.

Failing is such an ugly word.

The word itself has such a negative connotation.

I have slowly learned throughout the years that failing is just a part of life, it makes you the person that you are today.

In school, I remember my first time ever failing a test in Geometry and thinking that it was the end of the world. I even tried to hide my progress report from my parents

I think the worst I have ever felt about failing was my sophomore year of high school. My school had implemented a testing system in which you had to pass all history tests in the semester in order to graduate. If you failed one test, you were done.

I was very stressed out at the time and I ended up getting the answers to one of the tests from a friend. What I did not know, is that the same answers were being circulated to almost every other sophomore in class. I used the answers, as almost everyone else did, and got caught cheating.

I remember feeling the lowest of low, feeling as if I let everyone down. They called my parents and said that I would have to take the test over again in a room with just the teacher,  I remember feeling like a criminal. I passed with an A the second time around, but I think the biggest accomplishment that year, I learned I would never cheat again.

Failing happens so many times, but here I am, my world has not ended.

Failing with purpose is when you know that you might fail at an objective but you go for it anyway. You do not let fear take you, you set a goal and attempt at achieving it and gain something in return.

Recently a new position opened up at work. I have only been with the company for a year and I knew that I was going to be up against people that had more experience. I was afraid to show my interest in the position because I knew that there was a big chance that I was not going to get it.

I decided then and there that even if I did fail, I was going to go through the experience and process of applying internally.

I submitted my resume, practiced my presentation, studied my equipment and awaited the day I had to present.

When I was done I thought I did amazing. I was so happy that I had practiced for so many days and I felt like all my efforts had paid off. I knew in my head that I had this position, I knew that I had done everything in my power to achieve this goal.

I didn’t.

I was up against 6 other people.

As I sat in the room with the managers telling me that they loved my presentation but they decided to go with other people all I could think of was, what did I do wrong?  I thanked them for the opportunity to show them what I had to offer and asked them to consider me for other like positions in the future.

I failed.

As I sit here, almost 8 hours after I heard the news I now see that I failed for a reason. I failed in order to become better, in order to want it more, to need it more, and to appreciate it more once it is mine.

I will let this experience along with all my other experiences become the part of me that perseveres.

I will not give up, and I will continue to fail with purpose.


Dominguito de Desayuno: 3 Vegan Recipes with Daiya


Is it hard to go Vegan? My week of eating vegan. (with many pictures)

I survived #angienomeatweek!

Okay almost, but let me explain!


I first want to make sure to thank my best friend Marlene. Marlene has been vegan for a while now and as soon as I told her about being vegan for a week she sent me a ton of recipes.

Thanks Swigg!


Let’s start Day 1 (Monday)– It was awesome I went grocery store shopping and bought everything on my list. Let’s just say that my list was two columns long and looking back at it now it I bought way too many veggies.. I was ambitious.

Breakfast: I ate oatmeal with strawberries and kiwi. Lunch: I made fajitas for Ryan with chicken and for myself I just used bell pepper and onion. Dinner: I had Applebees, I looked through their menu and ordered the veggie burger no mayo or cheese with sweet potatoes fries.

Day 2 (Tuesday)-  I had a great day! I meal prepped all my meals and snacks.

Breakfast:I attempted to make the banana pancake recipe that Marlene sent me but I went wrong somewhere, since I had to go to work right after I had to ditch trying to fix it and I ended up having toast with peanut butter instead. Lunch: I made cauliflower Ceviche from the recipe that Marlene gave me and it was so delicious! Dinner: I made myself some mushroom spinach tacos with salsa.

Day 3 (Wednesday): This is when I had a bit of trouble.

Breakfast: I had the simple, easy toast with peanut butter. Lunch: I made a sandwich, I had forgotten how much Daiya cheese melted so when I put two pieces of cheese and toasted it, I had gulps of cheese in my sandwich and once I added the avocado, faux-turkey and tomato it became super soggy. Totally a “my bad”. Nonetheless the flavors were there but the texture was a little off. Dinner: I had an Amy’s rice crust pizza dairy-free and gluten free. I ate the whole darn pizza.

Day 4 (Thursday): This is the part where I am going to be honest. I did not make it through the whole day as a Vegan. I lasted until 9pm, so let’s take a look at my day.

Breakfast: I decided to try the cheesy avocado toast again and it was soooo much better. Lunch: I went to the nearest pho place and got some tofu stir-fry… totes delish. Dinner:  I had cake. This was Ryans birthday and I bought him a little chocolate cake. I was trying to be good and make it through the whole week, but that tiny little chocolate cake was calling me. I had some and it was worth it.

Day 5 (Friday): I apparently gave up. This morning I gave Ryan a ride back home from dropping his car off at the audio store. We were running short on time and so we ended up eating crappy food. Also, this was the day I got hit on my way to work. All around it was a crappy dayIMG_20160520_101257

Breakfast: McDonald’s. I’m so sad that my week ended with McDonald’s, I had the breakfast deluxe plate. Lunch: I said fuck it and I had Taco Bell, the cravings box. Dinner: I thought I had already done bad the whole day and ended it with Denny’s, I had the turkey sandwich with clam chowder soup.

So there is my week. I failed. Even my MacDonald’s breakfast looks disappointed.

Honestly, I feel awesome being honest about it. Like my previous post about binge eating I tend to hide things. Bringing my failures out into the open makes me feel like next time I could do better.

I will attempt to do this challenge one week out of the month for the rest of the year, my goal is to make it to the end of at least one week.

Adios my friends.

Thank you to Daiya for sending me samples to try out their products. Full Daiya recipe video coming soon!