Feminist or Not???

A lot of times I find myself not knowing enough about an important feminist that I should probably know about. I hear names being thrown out and I am embarrassed about not knowing what amazing steps these women made to make changes in our lives.

It is important to know our history and events that contributed to all the rights that we have today. This will help us find ways to achieve more in the area of women’s rights.

I decided to make a video about 8 influential feminists that have helped us be where we are today. I hope you learn as much as I did and also recap on some kickass women.



How do you find the courage to speak out?

Kesha broke into tears Friday when a Manhattan Supreme Court judge refused to let her walk away from a six-album deal with Sony — and the man she claims raped her.-nydailynews.com

(trigger warning- this post will mention rape and harassment)

Imagine having to work with someone who raped you. Having to see that person daily, interact with them, breathe the same air as them.

For many out there, sadly, this is a reality.

We are living in a time where women are scared to come forward after they have been harassed at work, molested or even raped.  It is high profile cases like these that make  women feel like they will not find justice.

“If Kesha didn’t find justice, then how will I?”

I’m sure this is systematic. I’m sure the judge is just “following procedure”.  Why does our system or “procedure” have to be so oppressive towards women?

I honestly wish I had a simple black and white answer.

I don’t. What I do have is a plan, a wish, a hope and dream. Out there are many young ladies that have never been a victim of any systematic oppression. Young girls that have not faced any discouragement from defending themselves or speaking out. They have not found that silence that most of us have found.

My hope is that we find that peace, the courage and bravery that we once had and we share it with each other. My dream is that we bind together and make all of our stories strong and loud. My plan is to bring out the issues that are holding us back to light so that it makes us stronger.

My wish is that my future daughter will never have to fall into silence because she feels like her words will never be taken seriously.

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