How do I fail with purpose?

One of my earliest memories that I have of failing is when I was learning to ride my bike. I was so afraid of falling that I ended up not braking in time, slammed into a curb and fell on the grass face first. Failing is such an ugly word. The word itself has such a…

What are my 5 Goals For My First Blogging Conference?

Tomorrow I leave for my first blogging conference. To say that I am nervous is an understatement.

People ask me why I am nervous and to be honest the main reason is because it is the first time that I am going to be around so many influencers and brands at once.
I consider myself a newbie. Even though I have written my own blogs and I have written for different organizations that I have been involved in, I feel like this will be a very different opportunity.
I have set a few goals for myself just to ease off the nerves a little bit.

Thursday Workout : Watch “1 Mile In Home Walk!” on YouTube

Just did this workout because I wanted to start off slow and then get to the calorie burning workouts by next week. It actually made me sweat! Feeling good this morning. Make sure you try it out if you’re trying to slowly get into working out again. This is literally just walking but it makes…


So far 2015 has been… well, sick. I spent the first 5 days of my year in bed with a terrible sinus infection.  Everyday I felt like it was getting worse and I was at the point where I thought the whole year I would be spending in bed. With the help of anti-biotics and…