Waking Up To Breakfast – What are my favorite things about weekends?

I must say that I used to not always be a fan of weekends. For the majority of my “work life” I used to work on weekends.

Now, my favorite thing about weekends is the feeling of being on vacation. I can’t speak for everyone, but as of now my weekends are like a blank canvas. Although my weekdays are planned out to the very hour, I try to not plan out my weekends and just live them as is.

Of course there are weekends that we have engagements, we have lists of things we need to do and such,  but I try to very loosely plan out what needs to be done.

I work tomorrow, so today will be my only day off. I told Ryan to just let me sleep until I wake up, no plans and no alarms. Just let me sleep until my heart desires. I woke up at 8am and I was so upset, I wanted to sleep in so bad! I tossed and turned and then Ryan suggested we switch sides on the bed, we did and I fell back asleep. It is now 1:10pm, I just woke up 30 minutes ago and I’m writing this while drinking coffee as Ryan is making me his famous Chilaquiles.

Waking up to no plans and just living is my favorite thing about weekends.

What is your favorite thing?