What are my 5 Goals For My First Blogging Conference?

Tomorrow I leave for my first blogging conference. To say that I am nervous is an understatement.

People ask me why I am nervous and to be honest the main reason is because it is the first time that I am going to be around so many influencers and brands at once.

I consider myself a newbie. Even though I have written my own blogs and I have written for different organizations that I have been involved in, I feel like this will be a very different opportunity.

I have set a few goals for myself just to ease off the nerves a little bit.

  1. Don’t stop learning- I feel like being around so many successful Latina bloggers will give me the opportunity to learn their best practices. Nothing is better than learning from someone that has been blogging for a while and knows a trick or two about the field.   Aside from learning from their experiences, there are so many workshops that will allow me to learn from actual brands what they are looking for in a blogger.
  2. Do not over plan- One thing that I know about myself is that I am a planner. If I could plan my day to the seconds I would. The problem with planning is that you might miss out on opportunities. Currently, I have a list of workshops and events that I am interested in attending,  but I also know that I do not want to miss an opportunity because I “have to be” somewhere else. I am letting it all go with the flow (except for my YouTube and Neutrogena appointments of course).
  3. Stop and take it all in – I have heard that the views at Hotel Maya are going to be spectacular. One of my goals is to stop and take it all in. I am going on this experience because I want it to benefit my writing, my future and my soul. Being around like minded people makes me feel happy, and especially if we all share the same passion.
  4. Document as much as I can- I want to share this experience with you guys as much as I can. I will be carrying my camera with me every day all day and I’m hoping that I get to video most of my favorite moments. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media links to see more of my day.
  5. Have fun- I know it’s cliche but it is almost the most important. I have always wanted to be a blogger, and the only reason why is because it is fun for me. Writing is fun, and especially when it is on topics that you love. My last goal is to have fun while learning, sharing, and meeting awesome people.

Wish me luck guys!



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